HappiestNow – Your Happiness Roadmap

Hi, this is your Happiest Now Roadmap, including:

  1. Top priority to focus your energy in 2017.
  2. Your main barrier to success and how to overcome it.
  3. Your unique 30 days’ Happiness Roadmap.
  4. HappiestNow freebies and printable PDFs in your email.

This roadmap will guide you towards a happier and more fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy it and most of all I hope you apply this ridiculously simple system during the next weeks to transform your live, to live happier and beat self-doubt. You will find a stronger sense of meaning, that will make you feel highly motivated, full of love and gratitude.

Let’s start…


1. Top priority to focus your energy in 2017: Increase your Happiness levels!


When you are happy, you can give more, love more and receive more.

  • Happiness is the only resolution that matters because everything else falls into place when you have the right mindset.
  • Your happiness resolution it is the only one that is going to help the others stick, so you can make all the changes that you want to create in your life.
  • When you are truly happy you have stronger relationships with your family, friends and coworkers.
    You shine from inside and you can have a deeper connection with your significant other, even to handle even difficult conversations.
  • When you are happy you have a strong feeling of closeness, and you are full of joy and gratitude. You have a refreshing sense of balance and wellbeing.
  • When you are happy you feel more confident and focused. Being happier is the fastest way to conquer self-doubt, and the happiest version of you will easily overcome anything that is holding you back at the moment, but first you need to have the right mindset (emotional and mental fitness).
  • When you are happy you wake up full of energy and ready to achieve your goals. No more feeling frazzled doing too many things that are not giving you the results you want. No more feelings of confusion and boredom while watching TV or mindless surfing the Internet.

The Universe wants you to be happy! I know it because I have been there too!. I want you to be successful doing what you are passionate about and find more meaning on your current activities. I want you to set your soul on fire so you can help many other people with your unique skills and knowledge too… and remember you are 10 times more sexy when you smile!

Please start this happiness challenge feeling positive and safe. Change is difficult but you have everything within yourself, and this system will be guiding you in this process.

During the next 30 days you will invest 10 minutes per day learning more about the science of happiness, discovering spiritual practices from different cultures, and you will apply research based tools to become even happier. I hope you are ready and excited, you are about to discover your ideal self, highly motivated, happy and adventurous.


2. Be aware of the main barrier: Your own mind

The main barrier during this Happiness journey is your own mind, self-doubt and negative thoughts!.
For example, this is a science based easy-to-follow system (all the activities are really short and you won’t need to buy products or hire a coach) so time and money are not a barrier. But you might be thinking that this works for everybody else but not for your because of your specific situation, let say for example, you struggle with not enough me time between working, partner and kids schedules, but we all have plenty of spare time to have negative thoughts, right?.

Or you might be thinking that you can’t be happier in today’s troubled and challenging world? that it will be too hard?

Sometimes our thoughts become our worst enemies. That is why you need to re train your mind to support you in the journey of happiness, so you won’t feel unfilled wondering if you are just passing time away.

What would you do if you always have encouraging thoughts cheering you up every time you want to achieve a new goal, if your brain works WITH you (instead of against you) reminding you how beautiful, amazing and powerful you are. How unstoppable would you feel if self-doubt where not your default thought pattern anymore?

See my own example: English is not my first language and I still have to look up in the dictionary to understand lots of words, even worse I keep making spelling mistakes! It’d have been too easy to quit but what would have happened if I had believed that no one will ever read this Happiness Roadmap if I am not a perfect English native speaker? The truth is that none of this will be available to benefit thousands of people today. The same truth apply to you, if you keep feeding your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs nothing good will happen, you will just keep living the same life after 30 days, 60 days or 365 years.

Or you can step forward and discover the happiest version of you starting today.


1. I think I am happy so why do I need a Happiness Roadmap?

Happiness does not come automatically. It is not a gift that food fortune bestows upon us and a reversal fortune takes back. It depends on us alone. One does not become happy overnight but with patient labor, day after day. Happiness is constructed and that requires effort and time. In order to become happy, we have to learn how to change ourselves.
-Luca and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza

We can train in happiness in the same way that we train any other skill, you just need to have the desire to be happier. Get ready to meet the Happiest version of you!.

2. Why 30 days? Can I skim through all of them today and be happier?

There are no quick fixes, or at least not that last enough to create real change. Training the mind takes effort and time. But as the Buddhist saying says:

There is no large and difficult task that can’t be divided into little, easy tasks.

During the next 30 days we will go to the root of the mechanisms that underlie happiness, offering refreshing insights into how the mind works and strategies for dealing with difficult emotions. Each day this system will guide you to cultivate the conditions for genuine well-being so you can relax because you don’t need to figure it out.

I hope you are ready and excited, you are about to discover your ideal self, highly motivated, happy and adventurous.


3. How does this work?

This is an easy-to-follow system that reflects my own journey reading 45 books during 2016, attending a number training events and conferences, traveling to different countries during the last couple of years. All trying to understand what happiness is and how to add more of that to my own life! It has been an amazing and bumpy journey, testing myself what works and what doesn’t work.
After a year of intense learning and adventure, emotional and spiritual growing I have a strong desire to share and contribute, my purpose in life is no other than spreading love and happiness and this is my tool to help thousands of people be happier. This happiness roadmap is a life changing miracle cure if you are suffering from boredom, confusion, or lack of meaning.

Disclaimer: If you are suffering from depression you should see a doctor to receive additional medical treatment, although this system will help you increase your overall wellbeing by helping you focus your energy on positive activities and thoughts.


4. What would I get?

A 30 days system delivered as a daily email to explore ways and means towards greater happiness and joy, from your own perspective. The first day starts on 1st of February 2017.
This system combines and integrates East and West. Western science and positive psychology on the one hand, and Buddhist principles and practices on the other. Even though those principles might be based on Buddhism, this will be presented in a simple way that can be applied by people from any background or tradition to live a happier life.

During the next 30 days (starting on the 1st of February) you will invest 10 minutes learning more about the science of happiness, discovering spiritual practices from different cultures, and you will apply research based tools to become even happier. I hope you are ready and excited, as you are about to discover your ideal self, highly motivated, happy and adventurous.

Apart from the tremendous personal rewards, research has also shown that happiness is highly contagious in social networks just like a virus. When you invest in your happiness you will create a wave of benefits for your family, community and society. If you are concerned about the welfare of others and building a better world is your duty to be happy and do everything you can do to become happier.


5. How can I be sure this will work for me?

Neuroscientists are talking more and more about neuroplasticity or the concept that the brain is continually evolving in response to our own experience, through the establishment of new neuronal connections, the strengthening of existing ones, or the creation of new neurons. Happiness is a skill that once acquired endures through the ups and downs of life. It is a manner of being but as any skill it must be learned and practiced consciously.

If you are thinking that this might not work for you, remember that sometimes our thoughts become our worst enemies, specially when we are about to start something new and out of our comfort zone. That is why you need to re train your mind to support you in the journey of happiness, so you won’t feel unfilled wondering if you are just passing time away.

But let’s be clear, if you honestly feel you don’t want more happiness in your life then this roadmap is not for you.


6. How much does it cost?

The cost of the system is no more than 1 cup of coffee per day. One payment of $49. Free until 31st of January

The benefits of training happiness are far beyond feeling good, cultivating happiness will lead you to greater success in every major life area:

“Scientific studies have shown that happy people are more likely to attract a mate, enjoy stronger and more satisfying marriages, and are better parents. Happy people are also healthier with better immune function and less cardiovascular disease. Happiness leads to better mental health, greater resilience, and an increased capacity to deal with adversity and trauma. The benefits of happiness extend to the workplace, with happy individuals performing better and enjoying greater personal success on every level, including higher income. In fact studies show that higher income is more directly related to one’s level of happiness than to one’s level of education.”. Howard C. Cutler author of The Art of Happiness

You can take the first 7 days completely free (no card required) and decide if this is for you or not. Join for free until 31st of January.

Money does not buy happiness. We have more food, more clothes, more cars, bigger houses, more central heating, more foreign holidays, a shorter working week, nice work and above all, better health. Yet we are not happier… If we want to be happier we really have to know what conditions generate happiness and how to cultivate them.
-Richard Layard. London School of Economics


7. What are the 30 days about?

This below is Day 1, but you need to sign up to receive the following days in your email.



Day 1 – What is happiness and what makes me happy?

Every one wants to be happy, but in order to be so they need first to understand what happiness is.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Happiness is a skill that once acquired endures through the ups and downs of life. It is a manenr of being but as any skill it must be learned and practiced consciously.
There are thousand ways of thinking about happiness:

“A Rejoicing in the truth (…) Like the oxygen we breathe all our lives without thinking about it”

– Saint Augustine

“Growth through work” Immanuel Kant
“The only goal. We only choose for its own sake and never as a means to something else” – Aristotle

“A deep sense of flourishing that arises from an exceptionally healthy mind. Not a mere pleasurable feeling or mood, but an optimal state of being” -Matthieu Ricard. Author of Happiness. A guide to developing life’s most important skill.

Happiness is not about looking at life through rose-colored glasses or blinding oneself to the pain and imperfections of the world. Nor is happiness a state of exaltation to be perpetuated at all cost; it is the purging of mental toxins, such as hatred of obsession that literally poison the mind. It is about learning how to put things in perspective and reduce the gap between our perception and reality.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a sense of happiness so deep that can’t be affected by external factors. It is to experience the joy of inner freedom, that let us irradiate love and kindness toward others, or as Howard Cutler author of The Art of Happiness said

“I became convinced that the Dalai Lama had learned to live with a sense of fulfillment and a degree of serenity that I had never seen in other people”.

You might say that is all very inspiring but I don’t live as an hermit.
I have a family, job, debts, etc. They are a source of inspiration for us, as an Olympic gold medalist inspire us with their perseverance and dedication.
We can’t all be gold medalist but we all can develop the skills to play an sport, play a musical instrument, and definitely we can develop our happiness skills further.

EXERCISE 1 – What makes you happy? Define your own idea of happiness.

Take a moment to think about what really makes you happy. Is your happiness derived from external circumstances or how much depends on your state of mind?

Make a list of the things in your life that bring you happiness and decide how often you want to integrate them to your life.
You can revisit this list at the end of the 30 days system to add new ideas

If happiness comes from external circumstances write all the activities or experiences that bring joy to your life:


If happiness it is a state of mind consider how you can further cultivate it. Hint: There are no right or wrong answers


  • I hope you remember that you are beautiful, brave and amazing. Keep going! We’ll learn to value those moments of well-being and find ways to develop them further.
  • Commit to your Happiness Challenge. Repeat after me: For the next 4 weeks I will try to be 10% happier every day and spread a bit of happiness to those around me.

Next 29 days:

Starting on the 1st of February 2017. Some of the days include:

  • Day 2: Eating nourishing delicious food to boost your energy.
  • Day 3: Experience a permanent state of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Day 4: Feel more love, reconnecting with the people you care about.
  • Day 5: Outdoor activities, move more.
  • Day 6: Smile and feel confident on your own skin.
  • Day 7: Keep it interesting! Try something new for the first time today.
  • Day 8: The magic of tidying up
  • Day 9: Increased awareness and mindfulness.
  • Day 14: Find more meaning in your life.
  • Day 21: Positive psychology applied to your daily life.
  • Day 24: Feel more confident. Overcome self-doubt.
  • Day 30: Treat yourself to celebrate a month of positive vibes.

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